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Color harmony in design by vikas shirode

Color harmony is nothing but color combination. we all have a sense of color combination but some time we confused selecting color for our design or day to day life for example selecting wall color indoor or outdoor,selecting cloths, gift and many more..

so we have to understand color harmony so we can use in our design.

There are 12 types of Color harmony.

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The key color is the most important color of your design. its is the color you can’t change . for example Vodafone key color is red or kinley water bottle key color is blue and many fast food restaurant key color is red for example KFC, McDonald, pizza hut etc…

when finalized the key color from there ,you can look at the types of harmony and which one you like best or which best suits your design


Analogous (Related color) :

analogous color are those which is left and right color of your key color .they usually match up quit well and create a comfortable design .



for example if your key color is red



This is the most common harmony. It is a point opposite to the key color on the wheel. this “opposite” color is referred to as the complementary color.




The combination of tricolors . that means on color Wheel we create equally distance color tringle .that is Triadic color also know as “Triads”.





This color harmony similar to the Triadic : exept that there are four point, all equal distance on color wheel.

it is simply choose two set of complementary colors ( 4 corners of a square ) . That being said this harmony is good when you have numerous elements that all need to stand out on their own such as a poster that features four or more characters. by using equally distance on the color wheel, each characters gets equal attention.






Rather than the point opposite the key color on the wheel, the split complementary takes the two colors directly on either side of the complementary color. This allows for a nicer range of colors while still not deviating from the basic harmony between the key color and the complementary color.

This color scheme has the same strong visual contrast as the complementary color scheme, but has less tension. The split complimentary color scheme is a safe choice for virtually any design as it is near impossible to mess up and always looks good.






It is a design using tints and shades on only one color or single color. the color displays low contrast as every value belongs to one color. logos made out of such harmony have very little option of the background than white to saving from vanish there identity.






Two complementary color sets; the distance between selected complementary pairs will effect the overall contrast of the final composition. that means set of complementary color means Double complementary color.







Achromatic means literally “without color”. That means only black white or gray color .







Black & White are not colors. these are extreme values of brightness. this color harmony design use for social message or strong message . means graphics illustration on social cause like attack on women, or female feticide or child labor where the actual human model can not be used for the sake of anonymity; the line drawing carry out the job effectively and produced the desired impact.




Accent is not a harmony but a color which is totally out of the family of color used for the design. Mostly, the color from the opposites harmony used; such as a complete design using cool color and something highlighted using warm color like “free” word in design or “50% discount ” ,label of price slash or tag highlight.  You can see whole design in cool color but small word use in warm color  that is “NEW”.



The warm colors are sensed by the eye as the color of fire or any hot object such as heated iron rod etc make us feel warm atmosphere.the wall painted sunshine shade makes the room appear smaller and climate a bit higher in temperature. this scheme is especially used to induce the feeling of heat in the mind of viewer.











The color of sky, color of water, color of ice etc are perceived as a cool colors. this colors tend to sooth the eyes of the viewer. A room painted in cool color, such as spacious, We feel relaxed and clam in such environment. Based on this psychology while advertising for travel destination, designers choose cool color harmony.

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