BAAGHI 2 Review…… Tiger shroff powerpack Action Thriller

Hello friends, This is Shweta Shirode and would like to giveĀ BAAGHI 2 Review. In the first place Baaghi 2 is an Indian Action Sequel of Baaghi movie. It is made under the banner of Nadiadwala’s sons and directed by Ahmed Khan. He has made films like full and final and lakeer. Both these movies were not only bad but also couldn’t do well on Box – Office. Comparatively Baaghi 2 is much better.

The lead actors in Baaghi 2 Movie are Tiger Shroff (Ranveer Pratap Singh, Ronnie), Disha Patani (Neha), Manoj Bajpai (Shergil), Randeep Hooda, Deepak Dobriyal (Usman Langda), Pratik babbar (Sunny), Darshan Kumar (Shekhar) and an Item song done by Jacqueline Fernandez .

BAAGHI 2 Review
BAAGHI 2 Review


At first the film gets started in Goa. In the first seen Disha Patani (Neha) is attacked by two people. The Director has not cleared whether the attack is done for Kidnapping, Murder, or Robbery. The audience will understand once they start watching the movie. Consequently the second scene portrays the entry of Tiger Shroff. He is an army officer and fighting with the Terrorists. After a while the director has shown the real incident that really happened in reality.

Right after the previous scene story comes in flashback. Tiger shroff and Disha Patani are college students and they love each other to an extreme level. Finally they reach to a conclusion of getting married, but they are unable to marry due to personal reasons. After some time she gets married to Darshan Kumar (Shekhar).

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As shown in the first scene, Disha Patani’s is attacked. The Director opens the suspense of her missing daughter. Disha’s daughter has been kidnapped. Now she calls her Ex – boyfriend Tiger Shroff (Ranveer Pratap Singh, Ronnie) to help her find her daughter. All of you must have understood from the trailer that this is an action packed movie. The same is showcased very nicely in the movie. The director has shown outstanding action scenes of Tiger Shroff (Ranveer Pratap Singh, Ronnie) in the police station while fighting for Disha’s daughter.


There are a large number of action scenes, romantic scenes. You’l can also enjoy one romantic song sung by Atif Aslam. Baaghi 2 is not only an action movie but also a film full of suspense and thrill. The biggest problem in this film is when the Director is unable to keep the suspense for a long period of time. There are two suspense in this movie. The first one is initially understood after the interval. The second suspense is cleared in the ending. If anyone is good in watching suspense movies a lot then they will come to know about it initially at the starting. I have also guessed it in the start.

The first half of the movie is quite entertaining and full of romance, thrill, action and suspense.The second half of the movie is easily predicted. You may come to know about the scene even before the scene is portrayed. Most of the Action scenes are mind – blowing. As far as editing is concern there are three to four mistakes that are done by the editing.


Tiger Shroff (Ranveer Pratap Singh, Ronnie) has work tremendously hard in this movie. He has shown his expressions and reactions terrificly. As far as action is concerned he is always the best in it. Disha Patani is also a good actress and has illustrated his acting fruilfully. No matter she has given a very short span of acting in the movie. Manoj Bajpayee is as usual an exeptional actor and known for his acting.

We have seen Randeep Hooda acting marvellously in his previous movies. He is also succesful acting excellently. He is a police inspector but with an unique attire. I don’t khow whether this is possible in reality while investigation. He is looking like a drug addict, so that he can stop maximum crimes in Goa. Deepak Dobriyal (Usman Langda) is known for playing small characters in movies. He has done justice with it.

Pratik babbar (Sunny) is for the first time seen in a different drug addicted person role. He has not done any such role in his previous films. He has managed to do it wonderfully.

The sound of the movie is also very good. You will here the sound of each and every punches in the action scenes.


The bottomline of the review is that[amazon_link asins=’B0751LYPY3,B0781THV4X’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’tinypictures-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’173abaae-3584-11e8-a1cf-cf24af883d45′] Baaghi 2 is an outstanding movie and a must watch one. The first half is full of Action, Thrill, Romance and suspense. The second half could have been much better. Overall it is a good movie for Teenagers and Children. I will give (Baaghi 2) 4 stars.


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