Photoshop beginning editing for beginner by Vikas shirode

hey Everyone learn Basic photoshop editing .I hope you understand. Watch this video…… Dont Forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel for more tutorials : Follow Us : Facebook : Google+ : Web : Twitter :

Gautam buddha big statue manipulation photoshop tutorial speed art

In this tutorial I will combine stock photos to create Gautam buddha big statue manipulation photoshop . Learn how to use the Burn, Dodge tool, raw camera filter effects . Tutorial Resources:     I hope you like it and thanks for watching!  

Alone girl manipulation Photoshop tutorial by Vikas shirode

Hey Everyone, today I’m showing you how to make Photoshop manipulation effects in a simple way.In this photograph I will show you, a girl sitting alone in fantasy land. in this tutorial I have used adjustments layers  and masking layers and nik collection.

Lady with pink gown Photoshop distortion effect

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a distortion effect. You’ll learn how to create this interesting effect in an easy way, add brushes like lazy brush and special effects brush that is butterfly , make liquify and more…   just Follow the Photoshop distortion effect tutorial to watch this video….   Tutorial Resources…

Transform a girl Face into a Horror Movie Poster Photoshop Tutorial by vikas shirode

Hey everyone. Today I will show you how to create a horror movie poster in Adobe Photoshop CC. I have made this tutorial using simple tools.   image credit : Crack brush download from here  : Skull image Download from here : house image : horror tree image : just Follow the Horror Movie Poster Photoshop…

dispersion effect on horse | photoshop tutorial

Hey everyone. Today I am going to create a dispersion effect on horse with dramatic color effects in Photoshop CC. Learn how to use a custom brush, combine stock photo, adjustment layers, masking and blending. In the final step I used the Nik collection – Color efek pro filter effect to produce a beautiful dramatic…

Smudge painting tutorial on photoshop step by step

This Sumdge painting is used to make movie posters like bahubali ,dabbang ,rawody rathor. I have created this Sumdge painting tutorial for you using Simple Steps that you can use to convert your images to smudge Paintings. The steps given below will be understood after watching the video. To follow this tutorial, you must have…